Covid-19 Guidelines

Please note the following guidelines for coming to our IN PERSON classes to keep us all safe:

  • you MUST bring your own, mat, water and face covering

  • please DO NOT attend if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has (fever, persistent new cough, loss of smell/taste)

  • you will be asked if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 on arrival

  • please DO socially distance when waiting to be let in via the metal gates at the front of the building

  • you must wear face masks at all times when in the building until you are seated on your mat

  • please sanitise hands with the sanitiser provided on entry and exit

  • you will be given antibacterial wipes at the door to the space, please take 2; 1 to wipe the area around your mat when you arrive and 1 to wipe the whole area that your mat occupied, including the immediate surrounding area as you leave

  • please take the marked spot to the top left of the room, moving to the right of this in a line and then the next line is to be filled from the left to right and so on

  • your mat is to be placed with the bottom left corner covering the post it note

  • please bring as little as possible with you to class and this will be placed at the back of your mat as neatly as you can

  • please do not socialise before or after the class, to avoid unnecessary contact

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