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 yoga class cover - maternity leave 

It's not easy giving up my classes, but needs must and while I'm away on maternity leave I am very happy to introduce you to our wonderful cover girls!

Our main cover teacher is Emma Content.

Emma is an Anusara Elements™ yoga teacher living in Walthamstow who really values being able to teach people in her community. 


Anusara Elements™ Yoga is a Hatha Yoga that focuses on how we align ourselves physically and emotionally with the concept of Grace. In each Anusara Elements™ practice, we explore the Universal Principals of Alignment through a carefully designed class that is centred around an attitudinal quality or contemplation point.


The classes are always different and sometimes include meditation and pranayama. Classes have clear alignment instructions and are paced slowly to encourage a more mindful approach to movement. Postures are often held but the classes will include some surya namaskar.


She is also a practicing landscape architect and a keen lover of Nature. Since, returning from maternity leave after the birth of her beautiful daughter Fern, Emma is currently focussing on my yoga teaching and tending her own garden.


“I believe we cultivate ourselves in our yoga practice, just as we cultivate our gardens to blossom and grow through the seasons. With nourishment, care and space to unfold, each reveals their own natural beauty.”

Jackie Sims

Thursday afternoon's restorative yoga class will be taken by Jackie Sims. Jackie took over Eliza's other 'overs' session at the Peter May Sports Centre whilst she was having her twins, so it's serendipitous that she will be doing the same again!

Emma content
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