lavender-infused eye pillows

Eliza provides a handmade-to-order service for these gorgeous eye pillows, which make a great gift or simply a special treat for yourself.

The lavender-infused eye bags are made from a selection of sumptuous, satin and cotton materials, filled with lentils for a cooling effect to aid in your shavasana, or simply to relax after a hard day. They come in their own individual gauze bags and so easy to take with you or store.

All proceeds will go towards our son, Darby's physiotherapy. As many of you know, he has Cerebral Palsy, but is making wonderful progress with walking through regular private physio sessions.

£12 each and collect at a class, or £15 inc. p&p

OPTION: Buy 2 for £20 or 4 for £40

eye pillow shop.png