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Camel Pose, is great for the spine and opening up the whole of the chest; the heart chakra. The position gives the whole of the front of the body a great stretch, helps with menstral pains and strengthens the back and core muscles to improve posture and circulation.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not practice if suffering from back pain or blood pressure issues.

Step 1: Kneel


Kneel with knees directly underneath the hips. Feet parallel and kept apart.

Step 2: Bend Back

Bring the arms up to shoulder height with palms facing the floor. Lean backwards as far as is comfortable. Take care not to strain the neck and shoulder area.

Step 3: Right Arm 

Take the right arm back to the right heel, taking a firm grip.


Step 4: Left Arm

Take the left arm back to the left heel and bring the head back*, again, taking care not to strain the neck. The creases of your elbows should be facing forward in to your back.


*if this is too much for your neck you can always look forwards, however be aware of not lifting your chin and so again straining your neck.

Step 5: Hips Forward

Push the hips forward to create the final position. Breath deeply into the stretch and stay in the position for 30 seconds to 1 minute for the full benefits. To come out of the pose safely, reverse the steps.



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